5 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Kevin Colas

    This place is simply magic. What a blessing to enjoy time without TV. Take good book, good music, good board or card games an lyou will have a blast! A real paradise on earth owned by exceptionally good people. And the soul that brought the project together will protect you.

  2. Jae

    Ditch that cellphone. Resist facebook. Don’t turn on that tablet or laptop. Forget all chargers. The only batteries that will be recharged are those inside of you. The healing energies of this island make it a soothing respite from the world.

  3. sunshine

    Re-posting my review from TripAdvisor here:
    Spent 3 days and 2 nights with a bunch of close friends here. It was actually my 3rd time to stay in this place and it definitely won’t be the last.

    It’s not your typical resort where you have all kinds of amenities and hotel service. I’d rather call it a home away from home where you can prepare and cook your own meals and enjoy a whole island like it was yours – at least for a few days. You even get to have 2 adorable dogs – Panda and Big Boy.

    They do have some staff in the area if you need help cooking. Don’t expect a chef though. Kuya Anthony can do basic Pinoy homecooking. But since my friends and I enjoy cooking, this kind of setup was perfect for us.

    There were 5 of us on the first night, and then a few more friends followed. So there were around 8 of us all in all plus 2 cute little kids. It wasn’t a problem at all since they had more than enough mattresses which we can lay down anywhere.

    It was truly a relaxing stay where we stuffed ourselves with food and wine and boardgames all day – they do have a great stock of boardgames in the house. In between I was able to take naps, finish a book and have long chats with friends. Wish we’d stayed longer.

    Next time, I’ll try to stay a week in this place and get some real writing done.

  4. Jose Luis Decena

    Beautiful home. For me, not a place you wanna trash or party like there’s no tomorrow, but a kind place, that warms the heart. Its peace is generous, like its winds, and they nourish you. Fabulous spot for bonding with already close mates, or potential inner-circle nominees. Love to cook here; collaborate on a dinner, at worst, supervise. But the ambience lends its charm to the aleady lively food, no doubt prepared and cooked with the spirit of festivity, or whisky. Wonderful memories, twinkling little moments of laughter with a buddy, a stolen kiss off an officemate, wild glances at forbidden legs. Cheers! …but there was this one time I thought an evil spirit befell me in my sleep; but that has more to do with me than Sundang. So, enjoy, lovies!

  5. Nilla S Maronilla

    My four years old grandson said in amazement ” This Island is awesome!”…. We loved our stay there and we will surely come back!!! Thanks to Tony for warm accommodation.


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