Amenities & Activities



The 80-square meter house has one bedroom, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and spacious living room. The bedroom includes a queen-size bed (for 2), a separate day bed (for 1), a closet, and a great view of the lake. There are comfortable sleeping mats for 7 extra guests who can spread them out in the cool and spacious living room as well as two tents (for up to 4) that can be set up on the grounds. There’s a kitchen with a two-burner stove, a grill, the common array of pots and pans, as well as plates and utensils for up to 15. *

A separate study where you can relax, gather your thoughts, or shack up for a night of board games is close to the main house. You can choose to eat in the dining area in the kitchen, in a separate dining hall found farther down the way, past an outdoor kitchen and grill area—or al fresco, as we like to do, by taking our table and chairs to the grassy area by the water. The dining hall can also double as a small function room for meetings or parties. There is also a ‘dap-ay’ (a circle of stones surrounding a fire pit) at the head of the island where you can have bonfires.

The island isn’t connected to the grid, but since we come here to retreat from the city, we actually don’t mind. Your daily rental includes use of the small and trusty generator from 6PM to 12 MN; if you wish to use it beyond those hours, we charge an additional P70/hour.
* Note: To minimise environmental impact, we only allow a maximum of 15 guests at a time. And since we have sleeping amenities for only 10, guests numbering more than 10 are expected to bring to their own sleeping mats, etc.

See Virtual Tour for pictures.


– go swimming
– eat all day
– cook all day
– play mahjong, cards, chess, and your favorite board games all day
– sleep all day
– picnic!
– go camping! (we have 2 tents, but you can bring more)
– yoga
– go biking around Cavinti (the roads are well-paved, the terrain hilly, the air fresh, and the views gorgeous!)
– write
– paint
– hold meetings and team-building exercises
– go boating

and our favorite:
– do nothing!